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Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Random Ten

The no gloating here Edition

1. "Gentle Soldier of My Soul" Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer from Drum Hat Buddha
2. "Airproofing" Leo Kottke from Live
3. "Hold Me" Lazlo Blane from All the Time in the World
4. "The Thief" Lucy Kaplansky from Flesh and Bone
5. "World with no Art" Brian Joseph from Somewhere it's True
6. "Dishwater Blonde" Willy Porter from High Wire Live
7. "Only You" Josh Radin from We Were Here
8. "Me and That Train" Patty Larkin from Strangers World
9. "Mrs. Robinson" Simon and Garfunkel from The Best of
10. "Will I Be Married" The Jayhawks from Blue Earth

Related Bonus YouTube: Leo Kottke doing "Little Martha."

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