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Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday Random Ten

The sleeping off the turkey Edition

1. "Sleeping Dogs" Brian Joseph from Somewhere it's True
2. "Awake" Peter Mayer from Earth Town Square
3. "When You Wake Up (And It's Snowing)" Jay Bullock (unreleased)
4. "Sleeper" Eliza Gilkyson from Going Driftless
5. "Sleeping in the Flowers" They Might Be Giants from John Henry
6. "The River, Where She Sleeps" Darryl Purpose from A Crooked Line
7. "Darling Wake Up" Kat Eggleston from Second Nature
8. "Keeping Awake" The Innocence Mission from Glow
9. "Sleeping Bag" Sons of the Never Wrong from One if by Hand
10. "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight" R.E.M. from Automatic for the People

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