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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Support Karen Carter, LA-02

I don't usually shill for candidates outside of Wisconsin, but here's another important race. As you may know, Louisiana's November elections are just kind of free-for-all primaries, with the top two vote-getters in a run-off the next month. One such run-off is happening in the LA-02 this year, and I'd like to ask my readers to support Democrat Karen Carter.

This is not a seat that would go from red to blue--it's already held by a Democrat. But that Democrat is William Jefferson, he of FBI-sting-money-in-the-freezer fame. The left side of the blogosphere is uniting behind Carter and against Jefferson, running a $10,000 challenge to get Carter some much-needed scratch for the home stretch. (As of this writing, they've already rasied nearly $12,000.) Consider helping out; we need to send the mesage that corruption in Congress is wrong regardless of which party you belong to.

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