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Monday, November 06, 2006

Reminder: TV and Other Off-Line Appearances

Tuesday: I'll be appearing with conservative blogger Owen Robinson on WTMJ, channel 4 in Milwaukee, off and on starting at 9:00 pm during their election coverage. I'll be offering opinion, analysis, and insight about how the netroots and blogs are reacting to the results as they come in. Don't forget to email me over the course of the evening and night at, so you can get your opinions on the teevee, too.

Wednesday: I'll be at the regularly scheduled Drinking Liberally down at Club G in Bay View (click the link for more info including a map). If things go well Tuesday, we'll be getting drunk in celebration. If they go poorly, we'll be getting drunk in misery. Either way, there will be a lot of drinking.

Saturday: I'll be a featured panelist at Download 2006, a post-election roundup sponsored by One Wisconsin and Boots & Sabers. It will be a chance for everyone--bloggers, readers, media folk, and random passersby attracted by the refreshments--to get together and discuss the results of and lead-up to the election. The event is free, but you need to register ahead of time. Click through the link above to do so. And, liberals, we need you! Last spring at the WisPolitics blog summit, there were four--four--of us who raised our hands at the "How many of you are liberals?" question. See you there!

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