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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Only Lobbyists Speak for John McCain

by folkbum

It's a pretty amazing feat: The McCain campaign has spent the last several months going through a whole litany of names of people who, though connected in intimate ways with the campaign, actually do not speak for John McCain.

You might recall Phil "A Nation of Whiner" Gramm, sent by the campaign to speak to a newspaper editorial board acting as a surrogate for the campaign whose comments were disavowed because, they told us, he does not speak for John McCain.

Friday night, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was watching the debate in a bar in Philidelphia, and a cub reporter asked he a question about Pakistan. She answered with a statement of policy that was too close to Barack Obama's position, so today John McCain went on TV to tell us that Sarah Palin does not speak for John McCain.

And not too long ago, we had an advisor to the McCain campaign telling us that when John McCain himself is out there on the stump and says something, that doesn't mean that John McCain is speaking for John McCain. (I am sure I am forgetting many more examples of this.)

So who can we listen to? Apparently the only ones whose words we are allowed to take as gospel are those of his spokespeople and others running his campaign. You know, all the lobbyists.

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