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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sheep Shot

By Keith R. Schmitz

It should be common knowledge that the NRA is actually a front group for the GOP and really doesn't represent true hunters. This band of lobbyists/faux populist group are in line with GOP talking points and therefore are against conservation efforts which insure more places for people to hunt.

Our friends over at Boots and Sabers are lauding the latest NRA attempt to pollute the political atmosphere.

This is of course to stir up fears that jackbooted thugs will be kicking in doors to grab guns.

But the one question people who love to hunt should ask themselves is what has the greatest likelihood?

Loosing my guns under a Democratic president or loosing my job under a Republican?

Yeah the leisure time is great, but buying the shells might be a little tough.

UPDATE: dad has laid down the challenge to come up with a better NRA ad. Here it is:

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