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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wherrrrrrrre's Johnny?

By Keith R. Schmitz

It remains to be seen how much voters buy the notion that John McCain is a dynamic change agent during this economic meltdown. Does he have the right stuff?

Certainly Barrack Obama has put himself across as being calm in a Commander-in-Chief sort of way.

Meanwhile Hank Paulson, who was known as a high risk taker at Goldman Sachs, was force feeding us his "solution" to the economic crisis.

Paulson, by the way, headed up Goldman when they were right in the middle of repackaging subrpime mortgages. Kind of like Typhoid Mary telling you to take the medicine that she concoted for the disease she created. Do ya have a right to be a bit suspicious?

Not a bad political ploy cooked up by McCain in the face of tanking poll numbers to act like you are flying into the situation (see Sven's post below) to save the day. That means pesky debates and appearances on the Letterman show have to be swept away to stop the speeding meteor from hitting earth.

The trouble is that having a stable, growing economy takes constant attention and adjustments. Not stagy heroics. Average Americans can't retire on that.

Check out this timeline that leads us up to this collapse. GOP fingerprints are all over it.

The question is not only did McCain have a piece of the action but what, if anything, McCain did to stop it. The Brawler plays the clip from the Palin/Couric interview when Katie asks about where McCain in his 26 years pushed for more regulation, the empty dress Governor Palin came up empty.

Go ahead. Try and fill in the blanks. Chances are that as many of us have suspected that for all of his maverickness, John McCain is your garden variety, out of touch, conservative.

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