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Monday, September 15, 2008

Lehman Brothers = Marx Brothers -- Now That Worked

By Keith R. Schmitz

There will be a flurry of conservative hair-splitting and excuses, but the disaster that is happening right now on Wall Street with the collapse of Lehman Brothers thanks to the subprime mess should among rational thinking people put a stake into the heart of the right wing notion of hands off when it comes to the market. 

John McAdams, for example, might want to can go back and erase off his site those posts where he proclaimed the concern over the subprime blow-up as "a fad." One can think of less deadlier fads, like bungee jumping.

Those of us who thought "letting the economy do what it does best" would fatten our portfolios and hasten our retirements are learning otherwise.

There is a long line of people to thank for this disruption, but let's hustle to the front of the line John McCain's actual economic advisor Phil Gramm. The Angry Snapping Turtle as Molly Ivins liked to call him, was responsible for dismantling many of the post-depression fire walls that kept things stable. Keep that in mind when contemplating support for this ticket.

Like HL Mencken once said, "democracy is a form of government that promises that the people get what they want, and they get it good and hard."

Nuff said.  

He's John McCain, and he approves this mess.

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