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Friday, July 11, 2008

McCain and the Economy

by folkbum

You know, I've been compiling a list of links concerning John McCain's campaign and his economic and budget proposals. However, nothing sums up, for me, the total substance of the McCain campaign's economic stance than this stark fact:

The McCain camp sent Phil Gramm, the top economic advisor to the campaign, to the Wall Street Journal editorial board to advocate and explain McCain's economic plan. Just hours later, the campaign itself issued a statement that Gramm, the man who advises the campaign and was delegated to go advocate on behalf of the campaign to a friendly editorial board that would promote the campaign, does not speak for the campaign.

In a just world, that would end a candidacy (imagine, for example, if Obama had done it--or, worse, Al Gore). Apparently, though, our liberal media has instead been replaced with the press corps usually covering Bizzaro World, which is why "cut his nuts out" is the new "don't tase me bro."

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