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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Veiled threats lobbed in the border wars

by bert
It's time once again to open up the get-tough-with-illegals mailbag and, looky here, it's an unsigned letter to a nun. Sister Mary was working through the St. Bridget Roman Catholic Church to help families, most Latino, affected by the May raid on about 400 undocumented workers at a kosher packing house in Postville, Iowa.

Here's what, according to Sunday's New York Times , the anonymous man wrote to Sister Mary: "May you rot in hell."

Neat, huh? A fellow hostile to foreign slaughterhouse workers without proper papers is also in favor of damning to hell any nun who tries to feed the children of such workers. What does that tell you about all of those folks from Jessica McBride to Jim Sensenbrenner who want a hard line on immigration?

Before you answer, let's remember that lifting anecdotes from the news about bad people in order to score points in the border wars is already a favorite weapon of many folks.

Until today, they all fought on the side of our gutless nun-damner from Postville.

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