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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Esperanza Unida's shafting of their workers goes on and on

via Global Girl - How about no more air-trips to Turkey for the Esperanza Unita's executive director, Robert Miranda, until Esperanza Unita pays their workers?

From today's MJS: Esperanza Unida's payroll problems continue under Miranda's administration:

Mark Freund, a former welding instructor and manager at Esperanza Unida, said he wasn’t in a position not to get paid, or to get paid late.

After repeated delays, he complained to the state Department of Workforce Development when his paycheck was 19 days late. After finally getting his check July 21, he said, he agreed to be laid off. But pay problems continue at the south side job training agency, where remaining workers still don’t get their checks on time. ... Maria Franco, hired a year ago as fund development administrator, said Esperanza owed her $1,000 in back pay, and $500 in vacation pay for about a month. Franco, who has worked for other Latino nonprofits, said she agreed June 27 to go on layoff, but returned the next week to finish her work. She said she was handed a three-day suspension for insubordination and escorted out. Later she received written notice from executive director Robert Miranda that she had been fired. ...“I don’t talk about disgruntled workers or their allegations. It’s a personnel matter,” he said Wednesday.

Miranda did confirm that staff members were not paid on schedule last week.

Maybe if Miranda, and his attorney, and his Board Chair, were not spending so much time disparaging progressives in Esperanza Unida's frenzied quest for electoral office, they would not be screwing over their workers so badly.

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