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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rapid Response FAIL

by folkbum

Almost 7 PM Central time? Come on! I mean, I read about McCain's inability to remember how many houses he had at like 7 AM this morning. I watched the Obama campaign's ad about it at something like 10 AM. I spent the rest of the day in between bouts of, let's just call it severe intestinal distress brought on probably by a bug or something I ate yesterday and reading the McCain campaign's various responses (it's hard to know how many houses you own when some of them are the servants' quarters, he was a POW, he doesn't live in all of them all the time, they're Cindy's houses not John's, lemme tell you about this Rezko guy, and so on).

And, eventually, the DNC's lousy "rapid response" email hits my inbox. Sheesh.

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