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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Are "Conservatives" Ever Consistent?

by bert
Don't you love how the right's newly extruded attacks on Obama's VP candidate draw from Joe Biden's long years of Senate experience? One of our commentators (always welcome!) named Gus says "lock and load" to fellow anti-Democrat rank and file members because "Joe the hair plug arrogant, plagarist [sic], angry, lib Senator has been added to the team!!" Here's some drone from National Review Online illustrating the same attack strategy:
The candidate of hope and change selected a running mate who was first elected to public office when Obama was 9 years old. He was elected to the Senate when Obama was 11.The bottom of the ticket running on change has been in Washington forever.

Yea, bert, but wasn't the knock on Obama that he had not logged enough time in Washington yet?

Well, yea, but what's obviously happening is that these attacks come no matter what, unattached to any real ideas or even sense of intellectual decency. Inexperience: Not Ready to Lead. Experience: An insider with lots of baggage.

Thus conservatives have no discernable principles at work. The funniest example of this is the fact, which Jay covered, that the message machine had two barrels locked, loaded and ready to fire on Obama's visit to Germany, so that Obama could be bashed if he visited U.S. soldiers there, and bashed if he did not.

Other inconsistencies pop up when you compare one electoral season to another. Glenn Greenwald, a relatively serious blogger, has a nonetheless hilarious take on McCain's houses and the wealth he enjoys through marriage.

Greenwald gives us, from 2004, all of the attacks from Rush, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, etc., on John Kerry, labeled the male gigolo, for marrying a rich woman. Rush said then of Kerry: "He worked his way up from a blue blood to a platinum American Express card, and it doesn't have his name on it." But now Rush says of McCain: "This house business, this is such a nonstory."

Greenwald, by the way, wrote a book about this principle-free, double-barreled, inconsistency from the right. The word "hypocrite" is in the title.

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