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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mission Accomplished -- Democrats Unified

Keith Schmitz

(Denver) -- Dabbling in the news myself, I know how this business demands conflict.

Unfortunately, this convention is not giving it to them so they have to make it up.

I have yet to make it to the Pepsi Center, being a guest to the Denver and credentials as you would well imagine very much in demand. So to date we have been catching it in group TV watching parties, though we will have the thrill of reaching the Center today.

But one advantage over watching it home is afterwards, catching up with the delegates. And last night the story from all the Hillary delegates is that their hero, who has richly desired the title, brought them on board with the Obama campaign.

I didn't just ask. I probed and all they said was basically "we have to go to work to elect Barack Obama."

Went to a DNC strategy session with Howard Dean, David Plouffe and others from the Obama campaign. According to Dean, "we are coming out of this convention unified, with 99.9% of the delegates behind Obama."

"It seems that the folks on cable don't have much to do," observed the Governor. "Anyone who wants to whine and moan will make it on TV."

Later, went over to the very well attended SEIU health care session and Hillary capped it off with a speech. We ALL rose to our feet to welcome her.

One last thing. We now have lots of concern trolls wringing their hands over Obama's decision to not invite Hillary onto the ticket. Who knows why? But I think we should all know Obama wants to win, and somehow Hillary did not work into the equation. That's politics and as it has been said politics is not beanbag.

Van Mobley from Concordia suggests that McCain should "exploit" Obama's "blunder" of not picking Hillary, and that McCain should pick woman. yeah, that should bandage over his inability to vote for a single woman's health care bill over his entire career in the Senate.

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