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Sunday, August 10, 2008

No Vacation from Small-Minded McCain Camplaign

By Keith R. Schmitz

At long last does the McCain camplaign have no sense of decency?

Wrong question. They have had no sense of decency.

Barack Obama takes his family for a break to see his grandmother in Hawaii.

So what does the McCain camplaign do? More imbecilic mocking. From the Politico:
Even as Barack Obama takes eight days off from the campaign trail to vacation in Hawaii, where he lived for much of his youth, the Republican National Committee is again attempting to paint the Democrat as an out-of-touch elitist, this time in a mock “Barack Obama’s Hawaii Travel Guide” tweaking the Democrat for having attended an elite prep school there.

Barack Obama’s Hawaii Travel Guide,” e-mailed to reporters on Friday, lists four "destinations," among them the beach locals claim is the one where Obama was photographed in his swim trunks in a shot that ran in People magazine early last year, and "Punahou School, a coeducational college preparatory day school" that Obama attended "from 1971 to 1979. The school campus covers 76 acres at the edge of the Manoa Valley."
The piece does go on to point out that McCain in fact attended schools that were just as elite if not more so, though Obama went on the power of his brains and ambition. The strapping young McCain lad, not as much.

What a class act. The McCain camplaign has lied about McCain's energy policy, lied about Obama's tax policy, and now won't even allow Obama and his family take a simple vacation.

What ever character McCain had going into this campaign has been totally shredded and we are not even out of the last month of summer.

At least we can count on a large part of the voting population being engaged in this election here in Wisconsin, unlike the spring state supreme debacle where 7% of voters decided that we deserved to be controlled by the WMC thanks to having a lower caliber of justice sitting on the bench. Chances are the larger population is more discerning.

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