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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Feingold Calls McCain's Bluff

Keith R. Schmitz

John McCain, under the direction of the ultra-humorless Rick Davis, thinks he has struck gold with his "drill here, drill now" nonsense. So apparently this ploy has worked according to the polls during the dog days when people are sorta listening but not really.

But we all know what a steaming crock this is -- the notion that letting the oil companies loose to sink holes everywhere and anywhere will drop the price of oil significantly.

Truth is quite simply the oil companies for whatever reason are not exploring the leases they have already. Why is that folks?

So our own Russ Feingold along with Christopher Dodd (D-CT), and Robert Menendez (D-NJ) are continuing their push to ensure that, before the oil companies seek additional leases, they develop the 68 million acres of federal land they currently lease.

This makes sense.
The trio is attempting to offer several amendments to the energy speculation legislation currently being considered by the Senate. Feingold, Dodd and Menendez recently introduced the “Responsible Federal Oil and Gas Lease Act” and “Responsible Ownership of Public Land Act.”
Feingold goes on to say:
“With oil companies asking for more federal lands when they aren't producing oil on most of their current leases, it is time for Congress to step in and insist on some accountability,” Feingold said. “The quickest way to produce more oil is to develop lands already under lease since exploration is underway and much of the infrastructure, like miles and miles of pipeline, is in place.”
It is time Democrats to nail McCain and stop letting him get away with this non-solution.

Further, we should be asking "John, when are you going to start asking, no demanding that the oil companies stop holding back on putting more oil into the pipeline?" I wish every Democratic politician put it to McCain, and certainly whatever pit bull designate Obama picks as a running mate.

It's doubtful that Exxon and company are getting all environmental on us. If we looked deeper into the real reason why they are holding back it probably wouldn't be pretty. At the heart of this there are likely Enron type shenanigans that if some enterprising reporting would drill into into would yield a gusher that would spe into McCain's face. Could it be that they are holding back so their puppet at the top of the GOP ticket can get them more leases?

The reality is the oil companies know it would take years to build the infrastructure to pipe out the oil wherever it is found and that they are not pushing themselves now to build greater refining capacity. Any American who thinks that giving away more leases to these companies would lead to a drop at the gas pump is treating himself like a fool.

Why are these questions not being asked?

Every rational human being that deals honestly with politics knows that when a GOP politician claims they are pushing something for the good of the American people, you really know who comes first. We know that when Rep. John Boehner weeps on the floor of Congress. It would be nice if it would just BE that politician and not their corporate friends.

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