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Monday, August 25, 2008

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Pawlenty be the VP Nom!

by folkbum

When last we checked in on Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty's chances to be John McCain's running mate, we found that Palwenty was the worst possible choice, poll-wise, for McCain in Wisconsin. (Note the distinct lack of Biden in that polling.)

Today we find Pawlenty dissing Joe Biden as Obama's choice:
Pawlenty, on a three-day, two-state swing through Pennsylvania and Ohio that included Saturday stops at a sportsmen's club to discuss the Second Amendment and the economy, thought Obama picked the wrong running mate to support his campaign of change. [. . .]

Pawlenty said he believed Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, would have been a better choice for Obama.
Aside from exhibiting the Petraeus idolatry that we have come to expect from chickenhawks like Pawlenty, he also demonstrates a distinct, shall we say, overwhelming ignorance of what ought to be common knowledge. Military personnel not only are supposed to remain (actually, they are required to remain) apolitical in uniform, but active-duty personnel are forbidden from campaigning for or holding public office.

Pawlenty would be an awesome running mate: a blunderer who tanks McCain's polls in neighboring states, who has never even won a majority in his own state--what's not to love for Democrats?

(On the plus side, even if Tim Pawlenty is not tapped to be co-pilot of the Straight-Down Express campaign, we can always ask him why he didn't criticized John McCain for not choosing Gen. Petraeus.)

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