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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Why Not Here?

By Keith Schmitz

Ripping off a post from the DailyKos (enjoy Charlie), here is a media observation that applies to Milwaukee as well:

Conservatives tend to say the media is liberal, but Olbermann heads the only lefty show on broadcast or cable news. (Olbermann once described himself not as a liberal, but as an American.)

"I'm surprised that nobody has tried to come in and snake my turf," he says, especially since "Countdown" earns "a good deal of money."

This is the bottom-line idiocy of the corporate media. They keep ratings-starved conservative shows like Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson on the air, while the fastest growing show on all of cable news-land is still the only liberal show on the schedule.

For an industry that thrives on ripping off each other's successes, this is curious indeed.

Among our oligarchical media and our local media critics, the mantra is "progressive media is a dud in Milwaukee. Ommm, Ommm, Ommm."

No, it doesn't work because you all in the local media biz don't want it to work. We have a county that is 60% Democratic and the argument goes "we have no market for Air America or whatever."

Many of those who would tune into progressive radio according to national studies have higher average incomes. But no matter. If this issue proves anything it is that the economic bottom line doesn't matter in Milwaukee, it is the political bottom line.

There is evidence that right wing rant radio has topped out, even here. A few weeks ago Mark Belling couldn't get his Sunday chat show back on the air. The comeback will be 58 couldn't meet Belling's price. But if the show was worth it they would have.

He's been replaced by NASCAR. Meanwhile the age demographic for rant radio creeps upward, and every time a hearse goes by TMJ there is cause for concern. Inside the industry experts say the radio venom has run its course.

No wonder Sykes dissembles about the return of the fairness doctrine. He knows what has been going on in local media is not fair, and he likes it that way.

Wouldn't it be great to have someone calling out the pompousness of Sykes the way Olbermann does with O'Reilley? That would be great local buzz. We have a bushel of conservatives twits to tweak, providing endless chatter and attraction for a host who would know how to do it.

The charge to local media is if you want to make some money, find someone with the punch of Keith Oblermann, even sandwich the program between the usual wingnut fare and watch it kick behind. If not, the right and the local media experts can stop lecturing us about economics.

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