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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bill O'Reilly is a shrill, whiny loser

by folkbum

I understand that the right often trots out "Bush Derangement Syndrome" as a way to explain away liberals' dissatisfaction with the way the country's being run. They call us crazy, shrill, lunatic, and so on. But take a listen to the audio here, which is a Bill O'Reilly interview with Democratic presidential candidate Chris Dodd. (Update: YouTube video here. Updated further: Audio that proves Bill O'Reilly's a liar.)

O'Reilly has his undies in a bunch because there is a media entity beginning to rival his own that espouses a different ideology--and that's the Daily Kos. As I type this, there are a couple thousand people (like our own Keith Schmitz, if you've read the post below) in a convention center in Chicago--including every Democratic presidential candidate (either in person or by proxy). As the new media rises and facilitates organizing of the other side, O'Reilly can't abide it. So he cherry-picks a handful of comments (out of hundreds of thousands in that open forum) to mount a campaign against it*.

But I ask you: Have you ever heard any liberal--Al Franken, Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, etc.--get as hysterical as Bill O'Reilly did in that interview? I mean, with Chris Dodd of all people! Who is deranged, I ask you?

Reminds me of O'Reilly's run-in with a muppet Geraldo Rivera a few months back:

I mean, really, when you can make Geraldo look like the reasonable one, you've crossed a line.

* There has been plenty of documentation about how Bill O'Reilly's pay-to-comment website also seems not to meet his own standards.

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