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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Live Blogging from YearlyKos

By Keith Schmitz

I always scoffed at the pretension of this, but I am right now at Bill O'Really's worst nightmare -- the YearlyKos Conference in Chicago. Here in the Grand Ballroom at McCormick place where I last heard Colin Powell at the NRA Conference (sorry righties, National Restaurant Association) I am sitting in a crowd of thousands, armed with laptops in the hundreds. It's kind of what I would imagine to be among an army of court reporters.

I could well imagine at a conservative counterpart event there would be Evangelists thundering hellfire, radcons working the fear levers and guys like Steven Moore hanging out with Rosie Scenario.

At this even we get to hear...comedians. Then again, rightwingers have...comedians. Signing off.

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