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Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Random Ten

The dang, I haven't done one of these in months! Edition*

1. "Arcadian Driftwood" Richard Shindell from South of Delia

2. "Song of Sand" Suzanne Vega from 99° F

3. "Anything with Wings" Carrie Newcomer from Bare to the Bone

4. "Defying Gravity" Mark Erelli from Innocent when you Dream

5. "Love Song for No One" John Mayer from Room for Squares

6. "City" Dan Bern from Fleeting Days

7. "Love, the Magician" Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer from Drum Hat Buddha

8. "Someone Else's Tomorrow" Patty Griffin from Children Running Through

9. "Different World" Patty Larkin from Red = Luck

10. "Girl Shanty" Sons of the Never Wrong from Consequence of Speech

*Alternatively, the go see Peter Mulvey live tomorrow at the South Shore Farmer's Market (at South Shore Park in Bay View) starting at 10:15 edition. I'll be the one with the big white dog.

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