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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Odds and Oddities

by capper

It's time for me to clean off some of the small stuff on my desk, things that I found interesting in the last week or so, but not worth posting by themselves, either due to their nature, or the fact that they are not in my area of expertise.

  • I never really understood the purpose of someone hurting themselves in protest of something. It's like the little child threatening to hold his/her breath. But I guess some people feel so desperate to make their point, even though cutting off one's finger makes it harder to point.
  • If you listen to the right, especially the local radio squawk show hosts, the biggest threat to the Great Lakes is MMSD, and not lower lake levels, invasive species, or the high mercury level. Still, I can't help but think that a little bit of sewage would be comparatively easy to deal with than what comes out of BP.
  • I am a firm believer in therapy to help end marital conflicts, and I recognize the importance of spirituality in people's lives, but this isn't one of those times where it would be the best option.
  • When I first read about this guy, I thought it was the next Karl Rove. When I did a web search on him, I came across this site, and almost died laughing. If these guys are the party of morality, I'd hate to see what they'd call immoral.

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