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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Dunk Tank Is Open

By Keith Schmitz

Hey kids, here is the opportunity you've all have been waiting for. Tomorrow Charlie
Sykes will be on the very media he has derided for years -- The Wisconsin Ideas Network - laterally working without a net. That being his screener who keeps the liberals at bay and Chuck's control of the dump button.

Like Brigadoon, this doesn't happen very often. But hey, he has a book to plug and it is the now well discussed "50 Rules Your Kids Won't Learn in School." Seems like he wants to plug this book so badly he will subject himself to the rotten tomatoes that will hurled his way.

He'll be on with Joy Cardin at 7:00 tomorrow morning, and the call in line is 800-642-1234 (outstate) and 263-1890 (Madison and Milwaukee).

For those of you who might like to prep, your bucket of baseballs is here, here and right here.

Got a feel the phone lines will be burning up tomorrow. Have fun.

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