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Monday, August 20, 2007

McBride Validates 50+ Things

by capper

In McBride's sophomoric response to the 50+ Things You'll Never Learn From Talk Radio, McBride attempts to refute the lessons listed, but only unwittingly ends up to be true and giving them validation.

Then, in the comments section, Grumps of the Happy Circumstance, takes on the herculean task of trying to talk some sense into McBride with this observation:

Do the conservatives who are yakking back at this list of "Things Conservatives Won't Say" realize that they are validating the underlying point of the list?
Not only does McBride fail to heed the warning, but offers her reasoning why conservative talkers do what they do (emphasis mine):
Yes, Grumps, of course. If we wanted to sound as illogical as liberals, we WOULD start spouting the things on the list. But we're not illogical, so you'll never hear conservative pundits say most of those things.
In other words, McBride is saying that speaking common sense, admitting errors, the Bible, behaving ethically and the other similar lessons are illogical to Conservatives.

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