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Monday, April 30, 2007

Fire + Steel = ?

To: Kevin Barrett and your Nutty Professor Friends
From: your humble folkbum
Date: The day your music died
Re: Fire and Steel

Kevin, et al., have you heard the news from San Francisco?
he driver whose truck sparked a spectacular freeway fire in Oakland early Sunday escaped with his life--a miracle, police say--but there will be no escaping the Bay Area traffic nightmare his accident has unleashed. [. . .]

At the heart of the traffic knot is the MacArthur Maze, a tangle of freeways at the east end of the Bay Bridge and the site of Sunday's crash and fire.

At 3:45 a.m., a truck carrying 8,600 gallons of unleaded gasoline overturned on a freeway transition road, creating an inferno with flames leaping 200 feet high and temperatures exceeding 2,000 degrees. The heat weakened the steel supporting a connector road above.
One of the major foundations of you 9/11 conspiracy theorists' crackpottery is that a liquid-fuel fire can't melt steel enough to bring down the World Trade Center towers, or that structural damage combined with sustained fires could not have brought down World Trade Center building seven.

Over the weekend we saw a collapse of a steel-supported concrete section of bridge, much lighter than the towers, that was weakened and brought down by fire. A perfect test, it seems, of whether or not the fire caused by the impact of the hijacked planes could have done sufficient damage to the steel to cause the collapses we all witnessed. Since it didn't take any thermite to bring down the bridge, I'd say that you've lost any chance at ever making the explosives case again.

We'll see you the next time your idiocy gets sliced to pieces by the real world--toodles!

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