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Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool's headlines

by folkbum

That one's a hoot, no? Of course that would never happen. Despite years of violating both the spirit and the letter of the state code of judicial conduct, Ziegler campaigns on. Wisconsin Manufacturer's and Commerce is dumping more than half a mil on this race in the last week, and who knows how much the Zieglers' $2m loan from West Bend Savings Bank is going to end up in race, too. Linda Clifford could use your help this weekend.

Also, see Mike Plaisted.

If I were Terry Falk, I would sue for libel. The mailer that arrived at my house yesterday from the Metro Milwaukee Association of Commerce about the 8th district Milwaukee Public Schools is incredibly misleading. It reads,
As a Milwaukee teacher's union member, Terry Falk filed a grievance against the Milwaukee School District. Why? Because a memorial service celebrating the lived of two Juneau High School students who had passed away happened to cut into Falk's lunch break by minutes.
If that makes you scratch your head, there's good reason--and not just because MMAC doesn't seem to know the name of the Milwaukee Public Schools and is playing dumb about how every MPS teacher is a member of the union. No, if you actually read the decision (.pdf) by the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission referenced in the mailer, you'll see that the grievance Terry Falk filed over the lost lunch time was resolved without resorting to a WERC hearing, and Falk, in the "Findings of Fact" section, is found to be right about the contract violation. What did go the the WERC was the subsiquent retaliation Falk suffered by the principal after that grievance. Apparently Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling have been hyping this, too.

Speaking of misleading about Terry Falk, the incumbent Joe Dannecker's latest mailing trots out both a misleading statement about Juneau High School (debunked by Alan Borsuk) and a misleading statement about what Terry said concerning a tax cut Joe voted against. Terry said the board (of which Joe is president, remember?) never should have let the budget get to the point where it needed a 7.7% tax increase, but with a gun to his head he'd rather have programs than not.

This is one reason why I will not run for office: People suck.

An article not written by Kathy Skiba tells us that Tommy! is making his entry in the presidential race official this week. Good luck with that.

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