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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thumbs

Another in a series wherein I express my approval or disapproval concerning news of the week, happenings, or other trivia through a cute graphic, rather than with my usual long, hard-to-follow, and humorless rants and rambling.

thumbs downThumbs down to Jessica McBride. Someone needs to tell her that the elections this week were non-partisan. She called it for Republicans on the radio; she thinks the fact that no Democrats won (in a non-partisan race) is bad for the Democrats; and she's giddy that a Democrat didn't win Milwaukee County in a non-partisan race. (Oh, and Jessica: City of Milwaukee turnout will be double or triple next year, as we'll be voting for mayor. Unless you think "ominous" means something else entirely.)

thumbs downThumbs down to Mark Belling, who is clearly dumber than a box of hammers, and only half as pretty.

thumbs upThumbs up to new and improved Hellfire and Damnation Tommy. (I think they airbrushed out the spittle.)

thumbs upThumbs up to Paul Soglin, who made my endorsement record look good.

thumbs downThumbs down to cancer. The folkbum household extends its condolences to Ken.

thumbs downThumbs down to the Bush Administration for killing SeniorCare. I'm not going to blame you, my readers, for not clapping hard enough. What's funny is how some people are the guy who tried hardest to save it.

thumbs upThumbs up to Georgia Thompson. And her attorney. And the appellate judges who saw through the crap.

Hm. Seems like mostly downers this week. Sorry bout that.

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