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Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Random Ten

The I go away for a week and this place falls apart Edition
I mean, there's record-breaking snow, Don Imus gets fired, Kurt Vonnegut dies, the Thompson-Biskupik show goes national . . .

1. "The Dream" Peter Mulvey from Rapture
2. "Do You Remember" Jack Johnson from In Between Dreams
3. "If This Were a Movie" The Nields from Bob on the Ceiling
4. "He Never Mentioned Love" Kirsty MacColl from Electric Landlady
5. "Holy Now" Peter Mayer from Million Year Mind
6. "Standing" Patty Griffin from Impossible Dream
7. "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere" Dar Williams from My Better Self
8. "Will I Be Married" The Jayhawks from Blue Earth
9. "Laughlin Boy" Tracy Grammer from Flower of Avalon
10. "Little Martha" The Allman Brothers Band from Eat a Peach

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