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Friday, April 20, 2007

Quick Scheduling Notes

by folkbum

You get two excellent chances to see and hang out with your humble folkbum over the next couple of weeks. First, the Blog Summit 2007 is on for Saturday, April 28, starting at 10 AM at the Marquette University Law School. It's absolutely free, but you have to register in advance, so click the link and sign up.

My understanding is that there will also be a bloggerific after-party at a pub nearby once the thing ends, but I'm not sure where, exactly. If Scott Feldstein is reading this, he should be able to tell you in the comments. Update: We're going to Caffrey's, at 16th and Wisconsin.

Also, the very next Saturday, May 5, in a location just down the street from the Marquette University Law School, the Portage Road Songwriters Guild will hold its annual new song concert at The Coffee House. The show's at 8 PM and, though $4 is not quite as cheap as the Blog Summit, you gotta admit that it's hard to get a full night's entertainment for much less anywhere else.

There's also a Drinking Liberally next Wednesday, but I don't know if I'm going yet.

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