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Thursday, October 30, 2008

You Can Fight Van Hollen's DOJ Obstruction Efforts

Update: Gov Doyle, Sheboygan DA criticize Van Hollen plan for agents at polling places
Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe DeCocco, a Democrat, called Van Hollen's plan to use state agents and lawyers to monitor polls Tuesday a 'dog and pony' show. DeCocco said his search of state law 'did not locate any mandates of providing prosecutor coverage at polling sites, or any authority to do so.'
'The attorney general has no authority in this state to supervise elections,' Doyle told reporters. He again said the move by Van Hollen is part of a national effort by Republican Party leaders to try and raise questions about the voting process - questions that they hope keep some voters from casting ballots.
by Michael A. Leon

We are faced with our own government preventing us from exercising our right to vote. It's anti-American but it's also a fact that Republicans have no respect for the victories of the civil rights movement.

Father Groppi, Dr. King, Schwerner, Goodman, and Chaney? Attorney General Van Hollen could not give a damn about these heroes and 10,000s more. In Wisconsin, in this election, Milwaukee is ground zero.

[Special Note: See for a list of Obama offices.]

Fight back on Election Day against Van Hollen's "election integrity efforts."

If you witness any obstruction or intimidation on Election Day by any of Van Hollen's people, call: 1 866 OUR VOTE and report it, and call Obama's people.

Don't back down and don't take NO for an answer for your right to vote. Fight! Bring a friend. Reach out and bring a neighbor or co-worker.

If you have a cell phone and see Van Hollen's hacks harassing or intimidating a voter, document it discreetly on your cell phone camera, and call 1 866 OUR VOTE right away to get the incident aired and rectified.

Or simply take notes, gather facts and report them, and get the ward number and time of day.

Obama's people have 1,000s of lawyers prepared for Van Hollen's last-minute dirty tricks. And polling places throughout the state are filled with numerous Obama supporters working as election inspectors dedicated to the rule of law and the right to vote.

Find your local Obama headquarters and let them know what is happening, especially in Milwaukee where those uppity blacks insist on voting.

See for a list of Obama offices.

McCain's only shot at winning Wisconsin is to suppress Milwaukee blacks, and they know this fact well. Fight back!

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