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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Comedy Club

By Keith R. Schmitz

Charlie's blog posts should come with a laugh track.

Here's one of many, this one over how McCain should for the debates ah, "take off the gloves:"
This is the hour of reckoning. Can this country afford a 4-year Socialist knocking America down to the same economic and political level as every country in the world just to prove to everyone else that we're no better. It's like giving trophies to everybody just because they played rather than being the champions. We must defend that status of most envied nation in order to give others hope that there is a champion that will defend them against tyranny. It's time. Give 'em hell, John!
Hard to believe that there are not only thoughts like this, but that someone is even trotting these out in public.

The big question is when will McCain start talking about an issue in his commercials?

Keep goading him on Charlie. A second performance like the last debate should be good for knocking off another 2 or three percentage points.

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