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Friday, October 31, 2008

End "Socialism" in "Real America"

by 3rd Way

How can our next president balance the budget while giving the voters the services they want? The answer is as simple as the question... give the voters what they want. If red states are dead set against "redistribution of wealth" don't subject them to the indignity of participating in such a system.

According to thirty two states receive more money in federal spending than they pay in taxes. Twenty of these “welfare” states are projected to vote Republican. Only one of the eighteen states that pay more in federal taxes than they receive in federal spending is projected to vote Republican. If the GOP base is opposed to the reception of government expenditures beyond what is paid into the federal system because it is un-American socialism or even communism, take them at their word and deny red states any funds beyond what they pay into the federal system.

Obama can institute his spending proposals and get close to a balanced budget if he makes the most populist proposal in the history of American politics and gives the red states the policies they vote for while giving the blue states the policies they vote for. If red states want a freeze on federal spending he should freeze the federal expenditures going to them for the next four years. If they want all earmark spending to cease in their state Obama should get out that hatchet McCain mentioned. If they want their health care to be taxed, go ahead and tax it, but certainly don’t give them any tax credit for it. The “pro-America” parts of “real America” certainly shouldn’t be subjected to a socialist tax rebate. If they want to give tax cuts those with the most. Go ahead and cut taxes on corporations and the wealthy, but also reduce spending in those states to accommodate for the lost revenue.

The Democrats should acknowledge the cultural war being waged against them, go for the “nookular” option and make the red states pay for their own stop signs. The GOP base has made it abundantly clear that they want no part of the America the progressive movement envisions. What would happen if the Democrats acknowledged that and excluded them from such an America?

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