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Saturday, October 18, 2008

What's Happening on the Emerald Coast?

By Keith R. Schmitz

h/t Jim Rowen

Love those fun toys on the Internets.

Phil Ball with the Isthmus in an article on the grassroots vitality of the two presidential campaigns invites you to try out their widgets for finding events within a chosen area by plugging in a zip code.

Ball tries a couple of areas to demonstrate that the Obama campaign has a lot more going on than McCain, particularly in Wisconsin.

Take a whack. Here's McCain's widget. Here's Obama's.

My mother lives in Destin. It sits on the Emerald Coast on Florida's panhandle, perhaps one of the most conservative coast. I get great amusement reading the out of this world letters to the editor from the wailing residents that see ink in the Fort Walton Beach paper.

So what's happening within a 25 mile radius of 32541?

If you want to take in an event for John McCain there are none. Barack will keep you busier with 12 events going on within an easy drive of Destin.

Will Obama carry Okaloosa County? Highly unlikely.

Will the infrastructure be in place to give trouble to the GOP and grow the grassroots?

You betcha.

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