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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Add the whole Cheddarsphere list to your blog!

If you are a progressive/left/Democratic Wisconsin blogger, add these links to your sidebar. This is the most thorough list I can cull of such blogs. Copy and paste this list into your links section!
<P>The Cheddarsphere</P>
<LI><A HREF="">The Amtal Rule</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Babblemur!</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Badger Blues</A>
<LI><A HREF="">BenPAC</A>
<LI><A HREF="">BillyCreek</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Brewtown Politico</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Campus Tavern</A>
<LI><A HREF="">CPD</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Crawford's Take</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Crazy Auntie Jenna</A>
<LI><A HREF="">The Daily Aneurysm</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Daily Granola</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Dane 101</A>
<LI><A HREF="">A Different Take</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Doc's Home</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Dyskeptic</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Eye on Wisconsin</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Fearful Symmetries</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Scott Feldstein</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Fighting Bob</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Flamingo Jones</A>
<LI><A HREF="">folkbum's rambles and rants</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Forward: College Dems</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Forward Our Motto</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Charles Gray</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Jef Hall</A>
<LI><A HREF="">The Happy Circumstance</A>
<LI><A HREF="">HeraldBlog</A>
<LI><A HREF="">In Effect</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Isolated Incident</A>
<LI><A HREF="">It Could Always Be Worse</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Kathy's Blog</A>
<LI><A HREF=""><i>Leaning</i> Blue</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Left on the Lake</A>
<LI><A HREF="">LefTurn</A>
<LI><A HREF="">MadBlog</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Madison: Go West and Turn Left</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Madison School Information System</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Marginal Utility</A>
<LI><A HREF="">The Mic</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Mixter's Mix</A>
<LI><A HREF="">The NateWeb</A>
<LI><A HREF="">The New Vernacular</A>
<LI><A HREF="">The News is Broken</A>
<LI><A HREF="">No on the Amendment</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Past Peak</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Playground Politics</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Point Progression</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Public Brewery</A>
<LI><A HREF="">The Pulse</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Purple Cheese</A>
<LI><A HREF="">The Rusty Spigot</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Sadie Says</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Sam's Dead Fish Club</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Scout Prime</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Le Sequoit</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Someone Took In These Pants</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Mike Basford's Spin City</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Story Hill</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Surrounded by Red</A>
<LI><A HREF="">This Side of Town</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Top of My Head</A>
<LI><A HREF="">The Vast Dairy State Conspiracy</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Watchdog Milwaukee</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Paul Soglin's Waxing America</A>
<LI><A HREF="">What's Left</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Wisconsin Grassroots Democrats</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Xoff Files</A></menu>
<LI><A HREF="">Pat Keitlow (SD-23)</A>
<LI><A HREF="">Mark Pocan (AD-78)</A>

Do you wish to be on this list? Are you a blogging Democratic state legislator or Democratic candidate for state or federal office? Let me know and I'll add you to the blogroll!