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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blow Back

By Keith R. Schmitz

Upstate papers sometimes yield entertaining gems.

Nate Myszka is running a sharp campaign up in Marathon County for the State Assembly, which prompted a letter from a local in the Wausau Daily Herald:
I'm so tired of the nasty presidential political ads. And now we're starting to see the same from some of our local races.

I received an awful letter in the mail the other day from some guy named Nate Myszka. What does a guy his age -- 30 -- know about life? And he has the gall to attack a guy who has worked hard as a farmer and a family man? Not to mention a guy that has done a lot for our area?

Wake up, Mr. Myszka, this is not Washington, D.C. Take your political tricks and go back to where you learned them -- back to Washington. People in Washington are screwing up our way of life. We don't need you bringing those problems here to Wisconsin.

Randall Ross,

Which prompted this in the comments section:
Randy's letter refers to the repubican as a farmer. Ha, Jerry never had more cattle than his wife could take care of. And in fact Jerry's main success is making it to his mid 50s without ever working at a real job.

As for Randy, he should love the way Washington is working, he is one of the local farm welfare kings:

Last Name: ROSS
First Name: RANDALL

Rank Name Location Subsidy Total
1 Randall S Ross Marathon, WI 54448 $ 322,294.00

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