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Friday, October 31, 2008

WISGOP Mailers Update

by folkbum

Yesterday, I posted about the four mailers in two days that I'd gotten from the Republican Party of Wisconsin trying to scare the Obama out of me. Make it five mailers in three days.

The new mailer is also all about guns. Allow me to update my word counts from yesterday:
37 Obama
17 Gun/ Firearm/ Arms
9 Rezko
8 Special Interest/ Political Favor/ and variants
7 Lead/ Leading / Led/ Leadership (to suggest Obama doesn't lead)
2 McCain
You can also add the first "Joe Biden." But still nothing to give me any reason to vote for McCain. It also contains a number of dubious claims, most of which you can read about at FactCheck.

James Wigderson adds a Republican perspective on this waste of GOP money here.

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