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Sunday, October 19, 2008

John McCain -- Socialist

By Keith R. Schmitz

Think back in the not too distant past when the McCain ads and his winger Greek chorus were lying (that in the McCain campaign is known as "advertising") about how Barack was going to "raise your taxes."

That assertion got spanked real good in the real media and by other independent sources as an outright lie.

So it was time for Jeffery Dahmer look-alike Rick Davis to retool. True that those under $250,000 a year -- including Sam "Joe" the Plumber -- would be seeing their taxes drop lower under the Obama plan.

So Davis and company had to get people's minds off of that benefit with guess what kids?

A good old fashioned appeal to racism!

Because some folks who pay no taxes would get a tax credit, something once weighed by Richard Nixon as a way to eliminate welfare, average people are made to forget about how they themselves would make out and get resentful about you know who.

"Robbing" from the upper incomes to fund this tax credit is being labelled by the right wing regimented as socialism. Thank God we get to bring that term out of mothballs. For the right wing, the classics never go out of style.

But whoa, wait a minute. Focus for a minute on what McCain is proposing when it comes to health care. Aren't you on the right getting all jiggly about McCain looking to provide everybody in America with a tax credit to get into a private health insurance plan? This would fund the fantasy of "consumer health care."

So if everyone gets this credit, wouldn't that include people who now pay no income tax?

So contestants, what's the difference between the "socialistic" Obama tax plan and the McCain health care plan?

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