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Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Error of Ayers

By Keith R. Schmitz

You got to feel sorry (I think I can) for the GOP this year. Not only did they have a crop of candidates who, to quote Howard Dean, reminded you of something out the 1950's, but the creme that rose to the crop was a media created fraud.

Think about all the cheap shots and dubious constructions that worked for the Republicans in campaigns past. They became so addicted to them that the apparatchiks formerly employed by Darth Rove felt a content free campaign could win this thing.

But now that the poll numbers for McCain are sagging, the campaign is turning to the McCarthyite guilt by association William Ayers attacks on Barack Obama.

But the irony is the blind ideology of the GOP brought to you by that past electoral success has led to this toxic economy so bad that now most voters are not susceptible to these siren songs. Even the racism that worked in years past may look like a costly luxury.

The clock is running out.

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