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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber Benefits under Obama

By Keith R. Schmitz

OK, let's bite on this one since we will be hearing about Joe ad infinitum for the next few days or so until attendees at Palin rallies who have so little self control they will make the top of the news again.

Let the Joe the Plumber wars begin!

Three points where Joe would do better under an Obama administration:

1) He is clearly under the $250,000 level where he would benefit from McCain's tax program. At less than that income he does better based on Obama's program.

2) He would get a small business health care benefit based on Obama's program.

3) He would get a $3,000 tax credit per each new job based on Obama's tax plan.

And one more:

Since trickle down doesn't work he would have more customers who could afford his services.

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