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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gibbs Skewers the Inanity of Hannity

Keith R. Schmitz

Savor this fine six minutes as Obama Communications Director Robert Gibbs lets the air out of gas bag Sean Hannity following the debates last night.

Gibbs; in his typical affable, next door neighbor style; blasts the guilt by William Ayers association desperado tactic of the McCain by pointing out that Hannity had a whole show featuring the anti-Semite Andy Martin.

Worse for Hannity, his long-suffering foil Alan Colmes adds a dollop of Cool Whip on the topic by going into depth about the board that Obama and Ayers served on, talking about the other members who made up the board (funded by former Reagan supporter Walter H. Annenberg), blasting the McCartyite tactics. This "issue" will be something our own local Charlie McCarthyite will be using ad infinitum as the smell of dead horse drives people away.

Don't think Gibbs will asked be on Hannity's show any time soon.

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