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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Traitors in the Liberal Media, Again

I don't have a lot of time for posting today (or reading, for that matter), but I wanted to point out that it has now been a week since that filthy liberal rag, the New York Daily News, published details of an active and operational international investigation into a terror plot to attack New York City.

As usual, those treasonous, traitorous liberal bloggers from the Cheddarsphere jumped all over the story, trumpeting from their seditious websites all of the operational information that the government wanted to keep secret in an attempt to save American lives. Now that the program has been compromised, the government has lost a valuable anti-terror tool. A fellow patriot writes:
It is not, of course, merely the leaker who "compromised the FBI's relationship with some foreign intelligence services," but also the Daily News for publishing the story.
Those treasonous snakes on the left are just gloating that the press have revealed yet another of our government's programs for trying to keep the terror off our shores, and reveling in the fact that the press has put us in danger as a result.

I mean, those commie sympathizers and al Qaida lovers on the left ought to all be hanged, with the Daily News editors first in line for the gallows.

This is America. Love it or leave it, people--don't help the terrorists find new ways to kill us all.

(The preceding, of course, is snark; in reality, the conservative bloggers linked above only denounce the "liberal" press--and go after lefty bloggers--when they reveal information that might make George Bush look bad. The New York Times and other papers--unlike the Daily News--don't actually publish information to compromise foreign intelligence sources. Unlike, say, the Bush Administration.)

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