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Friday, July 28, 2006

Bentonville Uber Alles

Auf Wiedersehen Wal-Mart

Hi bloggerville and all you wingnuts looking in, I'm Keith Schmitz (krshorewood), happy to be here and pitch in while Jay's busy. I am with the mighty Grassroots Northshore, am currently with the group pushing to bring Air America to Milwaukee, which I will talk about from time to time, and am even on the board of a statewide business organization and can count many conservatives as my friends. After years of being bored and spolied by being represented by Tom Barrett, I am now part of the captives under F. Jim Sensenbrenner.

Hope I can in a small way inform most and irritate the rest. Here goes.

Say what you will about the Germans, but aside from kicking off a war or two they are basically good sense people. Something has to work or they don't use it.

Case in point Wal-Mart. They are saying good bye to Germany.

Turning lemons into big box lemonade, CNN quotes a retail industry watcher who lauds the move:

"It's a brilliant decision by Wal-Mart," said Love Goel, CEO of Growth Ventures, an investment firm focused on retailers. "Korea and Germany's retail market is too competitive. Secondly, consumers there really aren't aligned with Wal-Mart's core value proposition of offering bottom-barrel prices."

Well guess what Wal-Mart, you could have competed in Deutschland. It's easy. Don't mess with their culture. And as far as bottom-barrel prices, the average German is looking for quality goods and a quality lifestyle.

Don't get me wrong. what does right Wal-Mart does well. But this is a consumer economy and we need consumers to make it run. With this retail giant being the largest employer in the country paying some of the lowest wages in the country, it is major polluter -- of the market.

This Germanfest weekend it's sehr gut to a country that knows how to stand up for itself.

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