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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RIP, Dick Golembiewski

by folkbum

Wow. This is sad news:
The expert on Milwaukee's TV history, Dick Golembiewski, died Sunday after suffering an apparent heart attack while shoveling snow. [. . .] The 51-year-old Golembiewski worked the microphone at WMSE-FM (91.7) under the name Dick Nitelinger, a persona he kept alive at his Horror Hosts site.
I saw Dick only about a month ago, and he looked to be in fine shape. He was an active volunteer at The Coffee House, where I spend a lot of time, and he also came to speak to one of my classes about the history and future of television, about which he knew almost everything.

MU Press, which published his fantastic book--seriously, it's very nice--also has released a statement.

I was working last night on writing more inter-pundit foolishness between me and McIlheran; it seems kind of petty now.

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