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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I would like to see Tony Evers pay his fine tomorrow. And then beat Rose Fernandez April 7.

by folkbum

Well, I think the GAB has to make some sort of official ruling first--I doubt Evers can just dash off a check.

Mark Belling has finally posted (.pdf) the docs he got from his open records request, and it confirms what the paper is reporting today:
Evers' campaign manager Peter Knudsen responded today that the e-mail in question was part of a series of exchanges between Evers and CESA 7 Administrator Jeff Dickert. The exchange began as a discussion of official business and, when it appeared the conversation was becoming political, Knudsen said Evers switched to his private e-mail account. (Dickert admitted a possible violation earlier this month.)
Does it bug me that someone who should know better did this? You betcha. But I'm not about to throw away four years for a knuckleheaded mistake.

Tony Evers is a dedicated public servant and life-long educator, with the backing of teachers and administrators alike. Rose Fernandez is a proven advocate for diverting tax dollars to for-profit companies and school districts looking to make a buck on children who would otherwise be homeschooled. Evers supports accountability and transparency for a unproven voucher system that Fernandez wants to expand as-is statewide. Evers wants to bring the region together to find common ground for improving the Milwaukee Public Schools while Fernandez wants to hand majority control of the district over to two of the biggest partisans in the county, Scott Walker and Tom Barrett. (Note that neither Walker nor Barrett has been doing a little dance at the idea.)

There is much more to say, but I am on deadline for the paying gig, and, let's face it, I'm probably not going to change anyone's mind. But let me be clear: Four years of Fernandez laying waste to one of the last purely public institutions we have left is not a fair trade for brief boneheaded mistake.

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