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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Lost your house? Job? Pension? National economy? Our bad.

by folkbum

Wisconsin's conservatives, tired of being recruited as WILFs, have a new and exciting toy, called the MacGyver Institute. Its inaugural blog post* is about a poll the institute is releasing today. Among the shocking findings:
The public by 35% blames the current economy on the State's budget problems.
I read that over several times, and as best as I can tell, the blogger is suggesting that a majority of those polled (X+35% vs. X%) believe that the sucky economy is the fault of the Wisconsin state budget.

Well! As a number of conservatives have opined lately (one local example, although a different local con disagrees, mostly), Barack Obama seems to be running out of things and people to blame for the burst housing bubble, record unemployment, tanked stocks, crunched credit, and global meltdown. But, thanks to MacGyver's official blogger, we know that, in fact, it looks like it's all Wisconsin's fault.


To be fair, I think that blogger must be new at the whole blogging thing, because he does not even link to the press release his bosses put out about their poll. Maybe he didn't have the results in front of him at all, so he didn't know that the right answer was "35% of residents blame the state’s budget woes on the downturn in Wisconsin’s job and economic situation." Which is, you know, a totally different thing.

I wanted to point all of this out at the new blog to their new blogger, but the MacGyver blog seems not to be accepting comments at this time. I mean, there's a "comments" link, but I followed the directions and I, at least, am not allowed to post any comments. Maybe I've been pre-banned from their site, I don't know.

* I do wonder how a blogger on record thinking this about Scott Jensen feels about working for a group that really, really wants Jensen to be its leader.

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