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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some Quick Thoughts

by capper

The Ranch, which was started by Farmer Vic many, many years ago, did a lot of good work for developmentally and physically disabled children and adults. Over the years, they have had a steady problem with keeping the place running due to financial issues. Last year, the Ranch Community Services was bought out by Curative Care Network. This morning's paper reports that Curative has decided they can no longer provide their therapeutic horseback riding program. This is very sad to me, as that I have personally seen the good that this program has brought to many people. Too bad that they couldn't find a corporate sponsor to help keep the program running.

In other closing news, the paper also reports that West Samaria is being foreclosed on. This makes me wonder: Is it better to have a place that takes inadequate care of the mentally ill or have no place for the mentally ill? And why do we have only these two choices?

And finally, a multiple choice question-

Which is worst:
  1. Political campaign ads,
  2. Supermarket tabloids,
  3. Sensationalism on local news shows during ratings month, or
  4. Anyone who feeds into any of the above?

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