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Sunday, November 25, 2007


by folkbum

Some random observations after a weekend with my family in, as you might have presumed from the title of this post, Ohio.
  • For all the whinging in the TaxHellOsphere about Wisconsin's gas taxes, I paid $2.94 a gallon in Ohio, for the cheap stuff. (I paid $2.99 in Milwaukee before I left, and both $2.99 and $2.95 in Indiana.)

  • My Father: "Do you think people will vote for Hillary thinking Bill will really be in charge?"
    Me: "Well, didn't people vote against Bill thinking Hillary would really be in charge?"

  • Not only is my parents' house just minutes away from the world's largest half-Jesus (someone who lacked the proper reverence made a YouTube), but on this trip we were encouraged to visit the most popular tourist attraction in nearby Butler County.

    Said attraction turns out to be a grocery store, Jungle Jim's International Market. Jungle Jim's proudly advertises that it has the best restrooms in America, as judged by As a frequent user of public restrooms (I have the world's smallest bladder--they've done studies!), I have to say I've seen better.

    I was, however, impressed by the monorail. Yes, the monorail.
Regular(ish) blogging should resume this week(ish).

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