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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Scott Walker: A Legend In His Own Mind

by capper

This morning, the supposedly-liberal Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in their Crossroads section, ran Scott Walker's spiel that he issued with his vetoes, which have since, for the most part, been overturned. Now, I know that politicians are wont to be braggarts and embellish their accomplishments, but some do take it to extremes.

He starts out with the first and third paragraphs saying how he is "optimistic" and has "great hopes for this county". This is the same guy who compared regional cooperation "putting lipstick on a pig".

He then blabbers on with his apparent campaign slogan of Safety, Affordability and Pride, which has already been addressed and refuted. Likewise, our friend, Gretchen, has been putting in overtime to show the shambles he has made of the parks, and the devastation that would have been by his transit proposals.

But then he gets into human services with this list of bullet points. I have taken the liberty of putting the reality behind each point in bold.

Finally, our budget includes major support for those in need in our community.

These items include:

• Continuation of senior centers and senior meal programs. Which was restored by the board after his vetoes. Not to mention his early threat to close two community centers which serve the poorest neighborhoods.

• Long-term care needs for older adults continue to be met under FamilyCare. Which was going on before he took this office, but he was the one that had the million dollar deficits.

• Expanding the benefits of FamilyCare to those under 60 with developmental or physical disabilities. Because of a law signed by Doyle last year and state funding in this years budget. The last I've heard, the system won't be up and running until at least 2009.

• Major improvements in staffing and resources for mental health services. This is after years of cutting these jobs and monies. It is like a doctor breaking your arm, setting it, and taking credit for fixing your broken arm.

• A new initiative to address the housing needs of those with mental illness. Only after a year long series of articles in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel caused outrage among the community.

• Managed care coverage for those with no source of health care. Again, originally cut by Walker and then restored by the County Board.

• A new child care fraud unit to protect children. You got me on this one, I hadn't heard of it.

I must say, I do rather agree with Ma Brawler in her assessment of Walker.

The other thing that I wonder about is whether the supposedly liberal MSJ will also give column space to the Lena Taylor, who is running for County Executive.

UPDATE: Even with the budget fixes put in by the County Board, it wasn't enough to correct all of Walker's mistakes. Even Sheriff Clarke is turning on him. Isn't this an all-time record for one of Walker's budgets to implode?

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