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Monday, November 05, 2007

Abuses of Power

by folkbum (SEE UPDATE BELOW!)

Multiple-choice question for you all:

The Wisconsin right-o-sphere is all up arms about which recent abuse of power?
A. The US State Department tried granting immunity to Blackwater guards that (allegedly) killed 17 innocent Iraqi civillians. The State Department probably doesn't have this authority, and Blackwater employees are refusing to talk to the FBI because of it.
B. One of this country's most important allies in the "war on terror" is arresting dissidents and cracking down on moderate supporters of democracy.
C. The Bush Administration wants Congress to grant retroactive immunity to telecom companies that knowingly violated the law by handing over protected records to the NSA even before 9/11.
D. Some idiot in Sheboygan sent a cease-and-disist letter to a blogger who'd linked to the Sheboygan Police Department.
That's an easy one, right? And, as a bonus, under the logic of "real debate," that means the conservative Cheddarsphere must simply not care about the other abuses of power--or, worse, supports them entirely--because they didn't say anything about them on their own blogs. (I'm linking to Nick, not the purveyors of idiocy or, in some cases, outright racism--the mayor of Sheboygan is Latino--because Nick has a sense of perspective here.)

And it's only Monday.

UPDATE! I wonder if the right Cheddarsphere will join the fight against GOP Congressman Adrian Smith, who is blocking links from all "blogspot" addresses. Really! He is! Try it!

(Cut and paste if you don't believe me that it's the right link: )

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