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Thursday, November 01, 2007

MPS Budget Public Hearing Tonight

by folkbum

Alan Borsuk's story this morning reminds us that few people ever show up to Milwaukee Public Schools board meetings to make their opinions known. Tonight you have a chance to.

I won't be there--this week I have a cold and next week I have final exams, so my dance card is all germy and full--but if someone does go, if you wouldn't mind asking a question for me, I'd appreciate it.

Where does the superintendent think he's going to find 50 math teachers to start in January? Not that I don't think it's a laudable goal (my school would certainly benefit from three or four more licensed math teachers) but we can't get enough licensed teachers to fill the vacancies we have now. Next year, when the state will be paying for a boost in math teachers, we'll have had time to recruit and hire some. But if the $5m for that goes through, we'll have barely enough time to write the want ads, let alone find 50 good teachers able to join up in the middle of a school year. (Any of you math teachers from the 'burbs willing to jump ship mid-year?)

Again, not a bad idea, but perhaps not practical for the price tag.

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